Ella Playford – Feel EP

It’s incredibly rare that I get to write something where it feels like an absolute pleasure just to be writing it. Whilst I thoroughly appreciate each and every space that gives me the opportunity to get my thoughts out there on music, that is still accompanied by a sense of pressure to write something both... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the new Japanese House single

The Japanese house are back, with their new pop offering, ‘Maybe You’re The Reason’, and, well, it’s quite…nice? Since the absolute explosion of the Matty Healy synth-wave movement stemming from the 1975’s sophomore offering, it seems everyone and their mum is trying to hop onto the bandwagon of this way of sounding. It’s absolutely no... Continue Reading →

Spotted : Jnctre

I may just be biased because I’m from the Midlands, but the amount of talent that comes out of here largely unnoticed is crazy! Jnctre are definitely a prime example of this - I hadn’t heard of the electric duo this time last week but I’m pleased to say stumbling across their music has become... Continue Reading →

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