Featured: Paris Youth Foundation

I personally think there’s nothing better than hearing a strong Scouse accent evolve into an unrecognisable voice when they start singing – and that’s exactly what happened with Liverpudlian group, Paris Youth Foundation.

My first time properly listening to the band was at Y Not Festival this year where they performed to a surprisingly crowded second stage tent and I think the look on everybody’s face just painted the picture right there and then.

Not many people in there knew their music when they first started the set but all I heard was an underlying buzz of people around me trying to figure out who they were and how to listen to them, it was a special moment seeing everyone listen to a new band at the same time and actually enjoy them!

Although I missed the last song of their set I managed to catch them at a pretty chilled gig after they travelled all the way to Radar Love in Derby (almost 100 miles one way) to a crowd of probably 30 people who were all there to just see them. Despite it being a quiet, intimate venue they lit it up and I don’t think anyone there expected such a good performance from a venue that small!

The intimacy and passion was so raw and you could see how happy the band were when there was a group of us at the front repeating every lyric back to them and dancing along.

Paris youth foundation logo.jpg

They’re such a cracking band and as soon as they get their big break they’re guaranteed to be a big hit especially as they’re “like all your favourite indie bands rolled into one”.

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